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About Our Doulas

Martha Artyomenko
Family Birth Services provides Doula services  or Labor assistant services if desired.

Martha Artyomenko Certified by DONA international. Martha, being the oldest of 11 children, and having a midwife for a mother, grew up in the  atmosphere of birth.  She has 4 boys of her own, and has attended approximately 60 births.

She is a certified Doula through DONA international. She stays up on the latest training and information on childbirth and the support of women during pregnancy and post-partum. She  has experience working in both hospital, home birth and birth center settings. 

The Charge for Doula services is $350. There is a sliding fee scale available, when needed. Doulas are useful for births in the home, birth center or hospital.

Martha Artyomenko CD(DONA)


We offer home births & birth center births.

Please note, we welcome VBAC clients as well!

The birth center is a beautiful birthing suite set up for births about four miles from the center of Libby. It is surrounded by woods for a peaceful, surreal setting for your baby to come into this world.

There is no additional cost for its use; it is included in the normal birthing fee.

We begin our care with an initial consultation. We encourage you to bring your questions, concerns and any ideas you have to the consultation and prenatal appointments. I love to help you be a part of your care!

A midwife can only continue care with normal, low-risk childbirth, at this initial visit. For this purpose, we will seek to help rule out any obvious high-risk problems. This ensures the best of care for you and safety for your baby.

The second prenatal visit includes obtaining laboratory specimens (if you choose these) and an overview of your medical history. We seek to offer you choices and education on the standard protocol for testing.

Prenatal checkups will be: 

Every 4 weeks, until 32 weeks. 

Every 2 weeks till 36 weeks 

Every week from 36 weeks till delivery. 

If any concerns come up between appointments or a condition that needs extra prenatal checks or in-house non-stress tests, these are also included.  Your Midwife is there for you.  If you have a concern, you can always call directly to one of the midwives. This includes the middle of the night, if it is needed.

If a need arises for you to be checked at a time other than a normal prenatal, we will meet you at the birth center or your home. 

We will provide:
Attendance at your labor and delivery.  The same midwives you have been seeing all through your pregnancy.  

  1. - One or two qualified assistants will also be present and will attend your birth. 
  2. - First postpartum visit at your home.
  3. - Newborn genetic screening tests including PKU on the baby
  4. - 2, 4 and 6-week postpartum visit at the birth center.
  5. - Weight checks and informal visits on a continuing basis postpartum
  6. - 24-hour availability by way of telephone or cell phone.
  7. - Free classes on a monthly basis and time to visit with other moms
  8. - For the actual birth of your baby, we will bring to your home equipment and supplies necessary. 
  9. -     This includes Pitocin to control hemorrhage
  10. -     Oxygen for the baby and mother
  11. -     Suture supplies in case of a 1st or 2nd degree tear
  12. -     An electronic, hand-held Doppler for monitoring the fetal heart rate during labor.   

 We carry vitamins and herbs that are helpful in pregnancy and beyond. A variety of prenatal vitamins, liquid calcium, children's vitamins, herbal tinctures, “green drinks”. We try to discount the prices to make this an affordable and convenient place to pick up your what you need.

Looking for pricing information? Click here to learn about our fees or call/ write to us today.

We offer free initial consultations.

Call or E-mail Joyce for an appointment. 

Family Birth Midwifery Services provides birth assistance in many areas in Montana: 

These include  Lincoln, Flathead, Glacier, Cascade and Sanders County.  Towns of  Libby, Eureka, Troy,  Kalispell, Noxon, Thompson Falls, Heron, Rexford, Shelby, Cut bank, Conrad and Great Falls.

We also offer the birthing apartment to Idaho clients. (we are about 45 min from Bonners Ferry, Idaho)


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